Month: December 2017

Training My Mind To Visualize The Shot Before It Is Taken.

Over the past few days I have been going through last year’s images to see what was taken correctly and incorrectly. I find that most of my images look correct but do not have that pop I see when searching on other photography blogs or sites. What went wrong, why

Gear planned for trip

Well, we finally cleaned out the attic to find all my snow gear. Going through everything the past few days to see if it is still in good shape. I am so ready for Steamboat Springs to hit the snow. I have made my trip planner, a list of all

Video watching

I never truly understood the amount of information YouTube had on it. So many great photographers posting how to videos just for ski/snowboard photography. Have been taking notes and soaking up information. I will be over prepared when I set foot in Steamboat Colorado on 7 Jan 2018!!

Prepping for snow

As I prepare to travel onto the new realm of snow photography I have found that a great backpack is needed on the slopes. Well, Clik Elite has jumped on board to sponsor me with the right pack for my adventure.The New CLIK Elite Whisper is the perfect set up

My Journeys

As a student striving to receive my Bachelors Degree in Photographic Arts with a minor in Mass Communication, I am going to post my journey from start to finish of my compiling photos I take to build my portfolio to graduate.

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