As a student striving to receive my Bachelors Degree in Photographic Arts with a minor in Mass Communication, I am going to post my journey from start to finish of my compiling photos I take to build my portfolio to graduate.

My portfolio will be of my travels with fellow veterans on adaptive winter sports trips. In 2010 while serving in the US Army I broke 3 vertebra and was partially paralyzed for 96 days. It was not until I was taken on an adaptive trip to Crested Butte Colorado for a week that I once again felt I could live a life if I adapted to my disability. Now it is my time to show just how much this means to me, my family and fellow veterans.

Follow me as I prepare on one of my life’s toughest tasks since I learned to walk once again. I will be covering gear needed, trip plans, travel to and from slopes and just how this helps me grow as a person.

Frankie Paul Paradise III

My Journeys

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