Gear planned for trip

Well, we finally cleaned out the attic to find all my snow gear. Going through everything the past few days to see if it is still in good shape. I am so ready for Steamboat Springs to hit the snow. I have made my trip planner, a list of all gear and equipment I need to take. This trip is going to be awesome. These are items I have on my list after watching Ski Photography 101: Episode 1: Getting the Shot with Corey Rich: Tech Tip: AdoramaTV, Ski Utah Powder Lounge – Ski Photography Tips with Adam Barker and Fstoppers: How to Shoot Snowboard Photography with Dave Lehl, professional snowboard photographer out of Denver on YouTube. Great videos and very informative.

List for on slope gear (I am sure after my first trip I will be changing this list up)

Camera gear; both bodies, lens, extra batteries, charger, memory cards, flash, tripod, GoPro (film me as i set up and shoot)

Back pack; way to get camera equipment safely to the slopes and off them.

Snow gear; jackets, pants, boots, boot socks, gloves (I can wear and still shoot with them on), base layers of clothing, helmet w/GoPro mount, Ipod with tunes loaded, goggles





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