They Say Home Is Where the Heart Is…


Well, my heart lies in the hills of Colorado. Every time I return to Colorado I feel a sense of relief, a calming. It is crazy how just driving to the slopes of Colorado does so much for my sense of being. It is as if 10 lbs. of stress are taken from my shoulders. I now know that my life should be in nature away from the stresses of busy life in the city.

I find that connecting to nature frees my mind to see things in a different manor and allows my photography to be so much deeper. The sense of calming and freedom allows my creativity and artistic side to come out. I have spent hours editing my images with a smile on my face, something I have truly missed, joy. Soaking in the beauty of my experience and time spend with fellow brother and sister veterans is empowering to me. The talks and sharing of life during and after our injuries was humbling. I always feel at home with other veterans around me.




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