They Say Home Is Where the Heart Is…

Well, my heart lies in the hills of Colorado. Every time I return to Colorado I feel a sense of relief, a calming. It is crazy how just driving to the slopes of Colorado does so much for my sense of being. It is as if 10 lbs. of stress are taken from my shoulders. … Continue reading They Say Home Is Where the Heart Is…


Adaptive Sports Photography

My adventure has began. A year of planning and learning to accomplish Adaptive Winter Sports Photography is underway. The images have come with a learning curve. I have had to adapt to changing conditions on the slopes everyday. The photography equipment is working very well. Capturing stilled movement is nothing new to me as a … Continue reading Adaptive Sports Photography

Video watching

I never truly understood the amount of information YouTube had on it. So many great photographers posting how to videos just for ski/snowboard photography. Have been taking notes and soaking up information. I will be over prepared when I set foot in Steamboat Colorado on 7 Jan 2018!!